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Free Matching Thank You Card with Every Invitation!

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About Cardmint

Welcome to Cardmint, where celebrations mean memorable moments! Your occasion is special, and your invitations should be special too. We offer leading-edge in-house designs to get you to that "I found the perfect one" moment.

Our Positioning

For shoppers who are looking for more than good-enough invitation designs, we offer a variety of leading-edge creations so that you can find what you were hoping for. Unlike our business-first competitors, we offer invitations that stand out.

Our Company

Our business started with invitation prints in 2013. We led the way in 2014 offering digital-only invitations, where the customer took responsibility for printing. In 2023 we offered a powerful self-personalization feature. Our plans for the future include animation and scratch tickets. We are located in Mapleville, RI USA and love New England!

Our Products

Our overall product is the invitation designs, easy-to-edit templates, streamlined purchase flow, and flexible digital/download center. This product reveals our passion for the customer experience and shows a high attention to detail.

Our Pricing

Many of our competitors generate high volume by offering "free" products - but towards the end of the transaction they can make it difficult to avoid paying for an add-on or subscription, or paying based on the number of texts, without abandoning the work in progress. We can't get there - we simply charge a fair and transparent price - and we do our part by offering a free matching thank you card with every invitation.

Our Values

We enjoy and believe in spending time together. Our invitations communicate caring thoughts and love. We believe that matching items can enrich your celebration.

We treasure the history of invitations which can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The earliest recorded instances of formal invitations date back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. The Middle Ages saw the emergence of ornate, hand-crafted manuscripts for invitations. Advancements in printing technology during the Industrial Revolution made invitations more affordable for the general public. Today, digital invitations have become a popular alternative to printed invites, providing a convenient and eco-friendly option for modern celebrations.

Our Team

We're a dedicated team of creatives and professionals who bring expertise, creativity, and a shared commitment to making your occasions exceptional.

Amy Wilkins - CEO & Graphic Designer
Amy Wilkins
Graphic Design
Barb Wilkins- Merchandising & Customer Service
Barbara Wilkins
Merchandising &
Customer Service
Graham Wilkins - Technology & Marketing
Graham Wilkins
Technology &

Our Contact Information

  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: 401.864.9988
  • Mail: Cardmint, 34 New Street, Mapleville, RI 02839 USA

Thank you for considering Cardmint for your special occasions.
We look forward to turning your moments into memories.